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The Sanyo DL-8142-201 830nm is a high-power, infrared wavelength laser diode with an optical output power of 150mW at 50°C. It is supplied in a 5.6mm package and costs less than previous models.

It also has the additional benefit of a lower aspect ratio than its predecessor, which gives improved typical beam divergence of 16 degrees, making the diode ideal for use in night vision, distance measurement and printing. It is also suitable for use as a light source due to its the high optical power output combined with the small package size is critical.

It has a low threshold current of 50mA (typ), a typical operating current of 200mA, a low operating voltage of 1.9V, a monitoring output current of 0.4mA, differential efficiency of 1.0mW/mA and an operating temperature range of -10 to +50°C. It requires a negative (N type) power supply system.