DPM modules

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Laser Components is selling DPM modules (diode-pumped microchip), a combination of laser rod and frequency-doubling crystal, using 0.5mm thick Nd:YVO4 crystals function joined to 2mm thick KTP doubling crystals. With such a compact structure a frequency-doubled green laser beam of 532nm can be very easily generated by pumping with an 808nm laser diode.

These modules are available with various apertures and in low- and high-power versions. At 532nm, the output power can reach up to 10mW or 60mW.

In addition to existing models with standard doping of three per cent, Nd:YVO4 versions with doping of four per cent are now also available. This results in a lower pumping threshold and, at the same pumping power, an increased output power.

DPM modules with Nd:GdVO4 laser rods have also been developed. When compared to the Nd:YVO4 laser rods, higher conversion efficiency is possible, with improved temperature stability and greater output power. It also provides a lower lasing threshold, with high absorption coefficients for the pump wavelength, a large cross section for the stimulated laser emission and good thermal conductivity.