DPSS laser kit

Altechna has introduced a compact educational DPSS laser kit aimed at academic organisations and research labs, which is designed for learning about laser setup and experimentation.

There are three basic versions of the product available: continuous wave (CW), upgrade with Q-switching (self-pulse formation) QCW operation mode, and upgrade with a possibility to generate a second harmonic. The laser kit can be designed and easily adjusted to lab experiments or education programmes on request, and users will have an exclusive opportunity to assemble the laser setup themselves to better understand the work principles as well as topics related to laser usage. These topics range from the measurement of laser parameters, to laser diode temperature dependence versus wavelength.

The specifications of the kit include up to 10W diode power, up to 1.4W output CW power, a beam quality of ~M2 < 1.2 and possible wavelengths of 1030nm and 1064nm.