Only LDD

Altechna has introduced the Only LDD, a laser diode controller that forms part of the company's laser driver product line. Only features continuous wave and pulsed operation modes based on integrated quartz based pulse generator.

The design provides compact and efficient laser diode and TEC (Peltier) controllers for laser producers and scientists. The new laser driver product family features the best power and function density on the photonics market. Our products range from low power (10Amp) laser diode drivers to mid power (15-30A) combined LD and TEC controllers.

The product portfolio consists of Tiny, Only, and Mighty models with end-user and OEM versions. Microcontroller based design allows price reduction, making these precision drivers an affordable option both for laser development and production stages.

  • Tiny incorporates a 10A laser diode driver and two uni-directional (one bi-directional) TEC controllers
  • Only incorporates continuos 12A or pulsed 15A operation laser diode driver, pointer and FAN controller
  • Mighty incoprorates 3x15A outputs for LD and TEC