DPSS Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers

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Lithuanian company Ekspla has announced a new line of DPSS Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers.

The new NL230 series of nanosecond lasers produce pulse energies up to 50mJ at 100Hz or up to 140mJ at 30Hz pulse repetition rate. Diode pumping allows maintenance-free laser cavity operation for an extended period of time (more than three years for an estimated eight working hours per day). The typical pump diode lifetime is more than 1 billion shots. Lasers are designed to produce high-brightness pulses and are targeted for applications such as material ablation, remote sensing, OPO, Ti:Sapphire or dye laser pumping.

Thanks to an electro-optical Q-switch, the pulse duration is in the 5-9ns range. A closed-loop chiller is used for laser cooling, eliminating the need for external cooling water and reducing running costs. A wide range of available accessories enables NL230 to be tailored to various applications. Harmonics options are available for 532nm, 355nm and 266nm wavelength output. The harmonics separation system is designed to ensure radiation with a high spectral purity and to direct it to the separate output ports.