LightWire lasers

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Ekspla has launched a new line of ultrafast fibre lasers.

The LightWire series lasers feature turn-key operation, monolithic all-in-fibre design and require no maintenance making it a preferred alternative to the other lasers in R&D and industrial applications. LightWire FF series femtosecond fibre lasers offer pulse duration < 150fs and a repetition rate of 30MHz.

The average power from 40mW to 3W can be chosen. LightWire FP series picosecond fibre lasers operate at 30MHz repetition rate delivering 2ps or 6ps bandwidth limited pulses with an average output power up to 80mW and the LightWire HE series picosecond fibre microjoule lasers feature <20ps pulses at up to 10MHz repetition rate and up to 10W average power.

All lasers are available as stand-alone or OEM modules. Specialised options (like two synchronised outputs for 1064nm and 1030nm) to tailor for specific needs are available.