Dual FOV IR Camera Lenses

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Available through Laser Components, Wavelength Technology has developed a range of infrared dual focus IR camera lenses. This wide band IR lens (8µm to12µm) has been developed to cater for cameras with zoom functionality.

Wavelength Technology has already developed 3x magnification zoom lenses, with more to follow. The wide FOV focal length is 60mm while the narrow FOV focal length is 180mm. The F/# is 1.4 and the lens is designed to be used with a 320x240 pixel sensor.


The camera lens layout is based on four IR lenses with two movable middle lenses. This design has minimised the size of the whole assembly compared with other types of zoom designs. Later zoom lenses will include motorised designs.


Hard diamond coatings are used to resist harsh environmental conditions, and the housing is constructed in anodised aluminium.