Dwarf-Star portable NIR spectrometer

StellarNet has introduced the newest member of its Red-Wave NIR spectrometer product series, the Dwarf-Star. This smaller and more robust version is equipped with a high performance InGaAs detector array offering resolution as high as 1.5nm in the 900-1,700nm wavelength range. The ruggedness of the portable spectrometer is enhanced by its featuring no moving parts. Its small footprint (5 x 3 x 2-inch) allows for easy hardware integration, allowing it to be sold as both a field-portable instrument and an OEM product.

Each Dwarf-Star includes free SpectraWiz software and a developer’s toolbox of source codes, customisable demo programs, and full spectroscopy applications in LabView, Visual Basic, Delphi Pascal, and MS Visual C. Additional driver interface documentation, development manuals, and software support are provided. High speed spectral data acquisition with advanced features (such as time series analysis and episodic data capture with rapid sample logging) are standard features. Post processing techniques such as baseline correction, data smoothing, and spectral derivatives are included. Additionally, add-on chemometrics packages are available for complete multivariate calibration, analysis, and run-time with the Dwarf-Star.

StellarNet also offers light sources, probes, and sampling accessories to facilitate most NIR applications. The miniature Dwarf-Star NIR spectrometer is ideal for process analytical technology in industries such as food and drug, chemical, oil and gas, and plastics. The Dwarf-Star’s miniature size, low cost, and rugged design also make it ideal for the field, enabling on-site product analysis and quality control.