ChemWiz Analyzer Development Kit

StellarNet has released its ChemWiz Analyzer Development Kit (ADK), which can perform full spectrum chemometric analysis for multiple components. This software toolkit, when combined with StellarNet spectrometer instrumentation and SpectraWiz operating software, enables rapid development of complex analysers needed to provide custom measurement solutions for many applications.

Real-time spectral data is used as an input to measure concentrations of up to six components such as moisture, fat, protein, alcohols, acids, or chemicals such as pesticides. Alternatively, the ChemWiz ADK can be used to classify samples, such as the types of plastic.

The toolkit includes a model builder, which is used to process spectra from a set of known component concentrations. Here, the spectral pre-processing techniques are selected such as multivariate scatter correction (MSC), smoothing, derivatives, and mean centring. The multivariate analysis type is then selected such as partial least squares (PLS). Finally a cross validation technique is chosen and used to improve the reported statistics indicating accuracy and fitness of the calibration model created.

The ADK includes a runtime engine that performs the analysis in real-time with little to no sample preparation. The measurement results are displayed on the SpectraWiz Application panel for Chemometric Predictor, which is also provided in the LabView software program for OEM developers.

Each analyser system can be tailored with sampling accessories to measure liquids, solids, and powders. For liquids, absorbance is measured via flow cells, dip probes, or cuvettes. For solids and powders, reflectance is typically used to measure sample absorbance. Near infrared diode array spectrometers such as the Dwarf-Star NIR-512 with TEC cooling are typically configured for analyser development.