Attocube has released the rotator ECR4040AP, which enables endless rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise with torques up to two Ncm. The bearing-based design offers good stability in combination with high precision piezo technology.

Specifically designed for optical experiments, the ECR4040AP features a ½-inch aperture in the rotator centre. With a total footprint of 40 x 40mm and a standardised mounting pattern the outer design of this rotator matches the dimensions of standard optical equipment and components such as breadboards, cage plates, etc.

The ECR4040AP is also available with an integrated optoelectronic position encoder featuring a sensor resolution of 10μ° and a repeatability of 1m°. The ECC100 controller can drive all positioners both in open and closed loop mode. Interfaces, such as USB, TCP/IP and EPICS via Ethernet, TTL and AquadB triggers, DLL and LabView, enable the implementation of the positioning units in almost any experiment.