Electron Dynamics' HPE range of heat pumps

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Elliot Scientific has launched the Electron Dynamics' HPE range of heat pumps and accessories to its portfolio.

The Electron Dynamics' HPE fully integrated thermo-electric temperature control system is a package that comprises of a fan, heatsink, thermo-electric cooler and thermal block constructed as a complete heat pump assembly. Three models are offered, with heat dissipation capabilities of 20, 40 and 80W respectively.

By using the Peltier effect it can both heat and cool, so an HPE unit can effect precise servo-controlled thermal stabilisation when used in conjunction with an Electron Dynamics' ETCS temperature controller.

Typical cooling applications include: laser diodes, IR detectors, high-gain amplifiers, device measurements, process control and cold plate assemblies.

The ETCS temperature controllers from Electron Dynamics are designed mainly for use with their HPE series of heat pumps and enable accurate temperature control in the range -100°C to +200°C with a stability of 0.001 °C in varying ambient conditions.

The controllers are programmed using supplied PC software via RS-232 or a USB connection. Parameters such as output limits, PID terms, temperature alarms and operating modes can be set up. In addition, advanced features have been included to offer PID autotuning, temperature ramping and cycling.

As the configuration data is stored within the controller once programmed, the unit can be disconnected from the PC for standalone use. Remote operation and integration into a larger control system is also possible.