Firefly-THz Source/ SolsTIS

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Elliot Scientific is providing M Squared Lasers’ new THz source: the Firefly-THz Laser, based on an efficient intra-cavity optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Output powers are greater than 10µW at 400Hz, with continuous tuning from 1 to 3.5THz.

Firefly‑THz provides wide and continuous tuning, and has no need for post-detection Fourier transform data processing and averaging. It provides improved output power compared to difference frequency mixing, and its beam quality is close to diffraction-limited.

It is ideally suited to a range of emerging THz applications, including: spectroscopy, detection and imaging of explosives, illegal drugs, and bio-agents; non-destructive testing; pharmaceutical and foodstuff quality control; and medical diagnostics.

In addition Elliot Scientific is also distributing a Ti:Sapphire laser system, SolsTIS, from M Squared. It is tuneable, software-controlled, single frequency CW laser source that contains a compact laser resonator for high mechanical stability. It has an average power of 1W, broad tuning with only 6W of pump, low noise and a narrow line width. Using Ethernet instrument control, it can provide local or remote system control and monitoring.