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EMS 200 and EMS 300 laser marking machines

Two German industrial tooling manufacturers – Inha and Schwarzer – have purchased Electrox laser marking machines.

Inha has purchased the EMS 200 workstation, a self-contained model that features an integrated laser and a wraparound door. It is able to mark a wide range of components, including metals, plastics and other materials.

Meanwhile, Schwarzer has bought the large enclosure EMS 300 workstation, designed for more complex applications. It has the capacity to integrate rotary and XY tables, as well as removable sides to enable use with conveyor systems and other complex solutions.

The EMS 200 workstation is an ergonomic enclosure fitted with a Scorpion Rapide fibre laser, allowing customers to begin marking with minimum set-up requirements. The wraparound door design offers flexible access to assist with marking of unusually shaped or cumbersome items. A programmable Z-axis for automatic focus height control is fitted as standard, further enhancing the EMS 200’s ease of use. In addition to the Scorpion Rapide, the EMS 200 is compatible with all other Electrox laser markers.

The EMS 300 is the ideal workstation for marking larger components. It is equipped with an automatic, pneumatically-controlled door and removable side panels for easy integration into production lines. It is optionally available with an XY table or a programmable Z-axis for autofocus.


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