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FleXYZ workstation

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Electrox has enhanced its popular FleXYZ workstation for marking large, heavy components with greater speed and accuracy.

The FleXYZ is a highly versatile, free-standing workstation with a compact footprint – just 1.25m x 1.35m – and caters for components of up to 600mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 200mm (h) weighing up to 160kg.

The workstation is compatible with all Electrox laser marking systems, including the low-cost Raptor and the high-specification Scorpion Rapide. It provides motorised solutions and ensures the high precision on a wide range of components.

The system has two lens configurations: 163mm and 254mm, providing marking fields of 140mm diameter and 218mm diameter respectively. The control system features a tiling function, which divides a larger design into smaller tiles to fit within the overall marking area of the laser lens. This allows larger components to be marked with a large design for advanced identification or traceability.

The system features a slide-up front door and two side access doors to allow easy loading, as well as a conveniently located easy-to-use control panel. It is built from welded steel to ensure maximum durability in busy manufacturing environments.

The FleXYZ can be further enhanced with a range of optional extras, including a foot switch, fume extraction system, mounting arm for PC, auto-door, camera system and rotary axis. It can also be fitted with either a metric or imperial tool plate, making it suitable for global markets.