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Laser Support Services is distributing Glendale's lightweight, stylish and practical protective eyewear. The latest products include high transmission filters for YAG and diode lasers. The HT YAG filter has a light green polymer filter boasting a visible luminous transmission (VLT) of 68 per cent.

Glendale has also introduced a crystal clear lens at 92 per cent VLT. It is almost as transparent as a window and has no haze. The products meet the consumer and safety eyewear Z80 and Z87.1 standards. The dielectrically-coated filters provide protection over a 30° angle of incidence in accordance with domestic and international laser eyewear standards (ANSI 136.1 and EN 207). Unlike other coated filters, however, these are stable at all temperature levels and are tested for optical density and pinholes.

They will be available in the Encore series in two sizes, small and large. The large version can be worn over existing spectacles.