es Pistol mobile laser marking system

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Laser marking specialist ES Technology (Bordeaux, France) has introduced its es Pistol mobile laser marking system. The system is simple and easy to install, offering high marking quality and speed at a competitive price. The system is also portable; the control unit is mounted on wheels the system's laser head is compact and light. The company states that it is now practical to bring the laser marking system to large and cumbersome components, rather than bringing the component to the system.

The es Pistol control unit includes a computer, marking software and an operator interface available through a 10-inch touch screen, allowing the operator to mark texts, codes, logos or other kinds of information very easily.

The system is designed so as to prevent the beam from shining out of the marking space, making this machine a class 1 laser system. To ensure the best marking quality despite the system’s portability, the company used its es Code 20W ytterbium fibre laser in the system, featuring a marking field 142mm in diameter. A high processing speed is achieved by a galvanometer mirrors capable of repositioning at 10m/s.