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EssentOptics expands its sales operations in the USA and Asia and signs new distributors

EssentOptics, a developer and manufacturer of scanning spectrophotometers and optical monitoring systems, is expanding its sales operations in the USA and Asia and signs new strategic distributors. According to the distribution agreements, Market Tech (Scotts Valley, CA, USA) and WizOptics (Seoul, Korea) are appointed to provide sales and technical support for the EssentOptics’ PHOTON RT scanning spectrophotometers.

Market Tech is one of the fastest growing photonics companies in the USA. It distributes lasers, fiber optics and optical instruments for life science, medical, aerospace and research applications offering advanced European technologies to US customers.

Founded in 2004, WizOptics is one of the leading Korean companies focusing on optics, laser and photonics applications. The Company’s main focus is optical measurement equipment, which are provided for universities and companies involved in photonics research and production activities.

PHOTON RT is the world’s first scanning spectrophotometer developed for fast and unattended measurement of optical characteristics of components with thin film coating. The instrument represents a required tool for scientific research and production community, which can quickly and precisely measure transmittance and absolute specular reflectance in polarized light at variable angles in UV, VIS and MWIR wavelength range


About EssentOptics

EssentOptics is the specialized manufacturer of the optical instruments. Our AKRA and IRIS instruments are successfully used for accurate real time optical monitoring during vacuum deposition of any optical coatings in the UV, visible and IR spectrum. The PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometers are developed for unattended measurement of reflectance and transmittance, n.k.d determination, and angular dependence measurements of samples with optical thin film coatings for both s- and p- polarizations.


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