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Among the new products available via Elliot Scientific is ETNA, a new high-power multi-kHz DPSS laser from Thales Laser. This laser combines high power, low MÇ and short pulse duration with high repetition rate. The laser delivers more than 110W average power at 1064nm and more than 65W of green at 10kHz, with pulse duration of 45ns and an MÇ<20. Its cavity pumping structure design ensures excellent power stability.

ETNA is very flexible in operation; the power density can be adjusted with no alteration in the beam profile quality, the repetition rate is variable from 5 to 30kHz, and it is simple to use thanks to its Windows-based control software.

The ETNA Laser has low maintenance requirements thanks to its optimised design and inclusion of pump diodes with several thousands of hours’ lifetime.

ETNA is ideal for various scientific or industrial applications such as pumping Ti:Sapphire amplifiers, non-linear optics, industrial precision marking, cutting, drilling and micro material processing.