COMPexPro 1000

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The new COMPexPro 1000 excimer laser combines the economy of a mid-sized laser platform with the high repetition rate and long lifetime previously available only from high-end products. Based on Coherent’s COMPexPro platform, this laser delivers a tube lifetime of 10 billion pulses for either ArF or KrF operation. COMPexPro 1000 also features pulse energies between 10 and 20mJ, as well as superior pulse-to-pulse energy stability.

With its long tube lifetime, the COMPexPro 1000 provides a significantly lower cost of ownership than other excimer lasers in its class. This low cost of ownership is particularly beneficial for continuously running (24/7) applications that can easily consume several billion pulses per year. The laser also features a long pulse duration to reduce peak power, thus maximising the lifetime of beam delivery optics and further reducing the total cost of ownership.

The 1kHz repetition rate enables increased process speed for a number of micromachining, drilling, direct write and inspection applications, such as drilling ink jet nozzles and inspecting semiconductor photomasks. With actively stabilised output in the 10 to 20W power range, the COMPexPro 1000 represents a cost-effective tool for these applications. Overall, it is suitable for job shops and pre-production process development.