EX-L200 series laser sensors

Panasonic has extended its EX-L200 series of laser sensors with two further models, in addition to the existing range of thru-beam and retro-reflective type sensors.

Convergent reflective beam technology delivers high precision sensing in an incredibly compact body measuring just 27.4 x 13.5 x 8.2mm.

A Spot beam type model (EX-L261) has a beam spot size of just 1mm at its maximum sensing range of 50mm allowing for very precise detection of unevenly coloured target objects. The sensitivity adjustment allows for setting conditions that ignore background objects.

The Line Spot type (EX-L262) projects a beam measuring approximately 1 x 5mm at a range of 50mm and is ideal for detecting glossy or curved surfaces such as metallic pipes or objects with thin target areas similar to PCB edges etc. Sensitivity adjustment is also included for precision detection.

Both models are available with PNP or NPN outputs and output operation (Light-ON or Dark-ON) is selected via a fourth wire. The IP67 environmental protection rating means the sensor can be used in applications where the presence of dirt and water is a problem.