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EX1301 OCT microscope upgrades

Michelson Diagnostics has released upgrades to its EX1301 OCT microscope. The upgrades provide higher imaging resolution, 3D image capture capability, and improved capture frame rate.


Researchers will now be able to establish even more detailed real time, sub-surface information from the images.


The EX1301 is now available with the Santec-2000-W wide-sweep laser, which provides an increase in the sweep range from 100nm to 150nm. The result is improved axial resolution and isotropic pixel size reduced from 6mm to 4.5mm (in tissue).


3D image capture is possible with the motorised stage option, enabling researchers to analyze 3D datasets and produce en-face images and 3D rendered graphical models of their samples.


Michelson has also improved the processing system with faster algorithms and electronics, resulting in a tripling of the frame rate – the EX1301 achieves 2.9fps for a 4.5mm wide, 1000 A-line image,



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