ExcelliShift z-scanner

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Scanlab’s new high-dynamics ExcelliShift z-scanner, unlike conventional z-axes, fully eliminates the use of transmissive optical elements. The resulting rise in dynamic performance opens up new laser processing possibilities. Moreover, this functionality is fully independent of mounting orientation, thus significantly increasing the number of degrees of freedom for machine builders and integrators. The new z-scanner is particularly compelling when used in conjunction with a 2D scanner for micro-structuring, laser engraving and processing of complex freeform surfaces.

Compared to conventional z-axes, the new z-scanner attains previously unachievable accelerations during focal shifting in the z-direction and performs just as dynamically as a 2D scan head. The system design also eliminates transmissive optics, thereby not only boosting dynamics, but also maximising integration flexibility. 

When used with laser powers up to 120W, no system cooling is required with the ExcelliShift; for higher laser powers, a variant with air cooling is optionally available. In addition to the ExcelliShift variant for 1,030-1,070nm laser wavelengths, a second variant will soon be available for the 515-532nm spectral range.