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Foba has released a new generation of laser marking machines for its workstations in the M-Series, M2000-B/P and M3000-B/P. The systems are used for processing geometrically complex workpieces of varying sizes, as well as small and large batches of parts.

The M2000 and M3000 are available in two housing sizes in three model options: as basic models, the M2000-B and M3000-B machines feature a worktable, while models M2000-P and M3000-P are equipped with three programmable axes (X, Y, Z) as standard. The R model, a two-station turntable machine, completes the series.

The entry-level models, M2000-B and M3000-B, are equipped with a programmable Z-axis with 590mm overall travel distance, a worktable, and an electric lift door. For marking on the circumference of cylindrical parts, a rotation/swivelling unit is available as an option.

With the P-model laser marking workstations, different positions on a workpiece can be accessed in three dimensions and if required, all P machines can be developed in five axes. The axes are manoeuvrable at a rate of 100mm/s, making them suitable for processing large and small batches.

The M-Series uses the Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) camera system to detect the position of a workpiece to be processed and, as a result of float-mounting the polymer concrete slab on the machine frame, all M-Series workstations are insensitive to variations in temperature and external vibrations. All models are designed for the automotive, metal and tools industries, along with mechanical engineering, medical technology and plastics processing industries.

Auxiliary equipment or instruments can be integrated via interfaces in the working chamber of the workstation. Other options such as additional axes, machine integration interfaces and camera systems are available. The laser beam sources are air-cooled and the machines are supplied with integrated lighting, a laser safety window and a suction connection as standard.