ExciStar XS

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The new ExciStar XS from Coherent is a compact, economical excimer laser that offers exceptional performance and lifetime characteristics.

Specifically, the air cooled ExciStar XS measures only 649 x 300 x 400mm, yet delivers up to 10mJ/pulse at 193nm with an energy stability of <2 per cent, at repetition rates of up to 500Hz. The use of Almeta XS all metal tube construction, corona preionisation, an all solid state pulser and electrostatic dust removal combine to yield a laser tube lifetime of 500 million pulses and an optics lifetime of 100 million pulses. The ExciStar XS can operate at 157nm (F2),

193nm (ArF), 248nm (KrF), or 351nm (XeF). Its compact size and low total cost of ownership will make the ExciStar XS particularly attractive to laboratory and research users, especially for marking applications. In addition, the ExciStar XS is RoHS compliant.