TruDisk lasers

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Trumpf has introduced its latest generation of TruDisk lasers, a range of fibre-delivered products for demanding industrial applications.

With up to 16kW of power TruDisk models are able to maintain their beam quality of 2 to 8mm-mrad regardless of increases in power resulting in a truly scalable system. Integrated power sensors and real time power feedback control ensures continuous, steady and reliable power at the workpiece.

A unique modular design virtually eliminates downtime. A simplified arrangement allows individual diodes and laser components to be serviced onsite – an impossible task for comparative technologies. Greater access to fibre optic cables allows their service during laser operation, while parallel fibres maintain production.

The design facilitates laser power upgrades with additional diodes allowing the system to grow with production needs and without investment in an additional laser unit. With a diode life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours and extended warranty, the TruDisk is now able to meet tough, industrial demands.

The latest TruDisk has a drastically reduced footprint. It is also more energy efficient. With up to 30 per cent wall plug efficiency, its electrical power requirements remain constant even if laser power requirements change.

In maintaining low power intensity regardless of laser power, TruDisk lasers are insensitive to reflection. As such they can easily process reflective materials such as copper or aluminium without risk of laser failure.