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Expanded Aculight laser product portfolio

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Aculight has expanded its laser-based product portfolio, including both new and upgraded laser products for applications ranging from medical research and spectroscopy to Ladar and sensing.

The releases include:

  • The Perseus family of pulsed fibre lasers, including its most compact, efficient, low-cost model to date, Perseus-TS. Perseus lasers offer high-peak-power, eye-safe output from a compact package and are ideal for applications such as laser radar, surveying and surveillance.
  • The Telesto family of rugged, high-peak-power, polarised, pulsed fibre lasers with output at 1µm. Telesto lasers are tailored for applications ranging from mapping, surveillance and Ladar to nonlinear optics conversion and materials processing.
  • The Argos optical parametric oscillator (OPO) for spectroscopy and sensing. Argos generates multi-watt, CW, continuously tunable mid-IR output in the 1.4 to 3.9µm wavelength region.
  • The Aquarius green fibre laser system. Developed for underwater imaging and communications, the Aquarius provides multi-watt output power and short pulse generation.
  • The Capella infrared nerve stimulator. Intended for the medical and scientific research markets, Capella gives users a new level of precision and control in nerve stimulation. Capella is Aculight’s debut product for the medical research market, emerging from the company’s enhanced medical manufacturing capabilities.