Expanded list of filter optics

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The most current list and pricing for all Semrock standard filter optics guaranteed in stock, is now available. Expanded single-band sets for popular LED-based light engines optimized for CFP, YFP and mCherry fluorophores, and a triple-band Pinkel filter set. In addition, two new E-grade quadruple-notch filters in the popular StopLine® product line, featuring transmission over 350 – 1600 nm and deep OD6 blocking, and key laser wavelengths have been added.  The RazorEdge Dichroic family has been revised to reduce sensitivity to angular tuning, now delivering a shift of less than 0.20% per degree over a 35 – 55 degree angular range.

Semrock is also offering three wide-angle broadband mirrors from Advanced Thin Films to suit your beam-steering needs with wide-angle super broadband, visible, and near-infrared versions.

Also new to this edition are assorted single-band bandpass, edge filters and dichroics, new  BrightLine laser dichroics tuned to 785 nm and 1064 nm.

As always, all Semrock products are covered under their industry-leading 10-year warranty. All standard products are guaranteed in stock, along with custom-sizing and rapid delivery service.  The Semrock website also offers all up to date products and pricing, along with online quoting and ordering.