Extra Bright II

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Avago Technologies has released a new series of Extra Bright II oval red, green and blue light emitting diodes for full colour electronic signs and signals such as passenger signs, variable message signs, scoreboards and channel lighting.

The HLMP-Lx63, with a 4mm through-hole, and the HLMP-Hx63 with a 5mm through-hole, provide oval-shaped radiation patterns with a wide viewing angle and high illumination intensity. Characters are visible from any angle in bright sunlight. The LEDs are very bright, meaning that fewer LEDs can be used to achieve the same brightness.

The smooth, matched radiation pattern ensures consistent colour mixing. Each lamp is made with advanced optical-grade epoxy, which, together with Avago’s precision moulded casing, provides high temperature and high moisture resistance in outdoor applications. The packaging design also increases the brightness and reduces the power consumption.