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Avago Technologies has introduced a new line of high-brightness red, amber, and orange LEDs for use in interior and exterior automotive and electronic signs and signals applications. They provide high reliability, a narrow 50° viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern.

The HSMx-A46x series of Power PLCC-4 SMT (surface mount technology) LEDs are single-chip packages that have been developed to tolerate the harsh conditions found in automotive, and indoor and outdoor sign applications to produce higher light output than previous models. The HSMx-A46x series of LEDs can also be used for push button and signal lighting in industrial applications.

As an extension of the standard flat top LEDs, the HSMx-A46x can be equipped with a lens to provide a narrow viewing angle for applications that require focused radiation and high brightness. The LEDs also provide reliable performance over a wide temperature range.

The LEDs can easily be soldered using conventional surface mount techniques to minimise production costs, and the package is qualified to a Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) moisture sensitive level (MSL) rating of 2A. This rating means that the HSMx-A46x can be kept in the open air (30°C, 60 per cent relative humidity) for up to four weeks after being removed from its sealed package without needing to remove absorbed moisture.