Eye protection filters

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Laservision has introduced two new eye protection filters. There are significant health and safety issues for those working on active optical fibre equipment or associated cables that generate laser or LED signals.

Risks associated with optical fibre systems arise when laser signals are used to transmit data over an optical fibre installation. As these signals operate in the infrared region of the spectrum, they are invisible. Cabling installers are at risk of instant and permanent damage to the retina in their eyes if this signal is viewed without protection.

For telecom laser applications Laservision offers a clear filter covering the whole range from 850-1700nm. The filter is available in three different frame styles. LEDs usually operate at lower levels than many lasers. However, care still needs to be taken especially when inspecting terminations. For LED applications Laservision now offers a new model providing protection from 315-1000nm in one filter.