Protective window

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In addition to the certified plastic window P2008 for CO­2 lasers Laservision has developed a second plastic window P2009 certified with L protection levels according to EN 207 for Nd:YAG laser applications.

This greenish window marked with L protection levels D L5 and IR L6 at 1064nm is particularly suitable for laser marking and graving applications. The thickness of 3mm and the visible light transmission of approximately 65 per cent match the values of our OD marked material P2001. This can be replaced in most cases by the new certified material P2009.

The standard dimensions are: 100x200mm², DIN A4, 300x450mm², 450x600m², 610x915mm² and 915x1220mm². All smaller user-defined sizes as 915x1220mm² can be also realised on customer request. For the standard dimensions 100x200mm² and DIN A4 our practical mounting frames with changing function are available.