Far IR and THz Band Pass Filters

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Lake Shore Cryotronics has expanded its filter products to include far infrared and THz applications.

Employing frequency selective surface technology, the filters are designed with patterned, cross shaped, and other resonant opening geometries that allow the transmission of light at specific wavelengths.

Filters with 12.5, 19.0 and 25.0mm diameters are available with center wavelength (CWL) transmissions of up to 85 per cent, CWL tolerance of ±0.1µm, and out-of-band transmission down to 0.5 per cent. The filters exhibit excellent thermal properties with stable and repeatable performance down to 4K. Their 1mm thickness enables entry into existing filter wheels, cryostats and compact optical instruments.

The band pass filters, along with Lake Shore’s established line of porous, silicon-based, long wave pass filters, can be used in a variety of applications including space based astronomy, ground or airborne astronomy, FTIR and THz spectroscopy among other electro-optics research and testing.