Fast Axial OEM Sensor

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The Ophir Photonics Group has announced the Fast Axial OEM Sensor.

The sensor is based on a thermopile design that provides faster response times and higher power levels. Ophir claims, response times are up to 20 times that of traditional thermopile sensors and power and energy levels are up to 2000J for single pulses and over 20kW average power. The Fast Axial OEM Sensor is designed to handle a wide array of laser beam sizes, from 20mm to 180 x 180mm.

The Fast Axial OEM Sensor operates on the principle of axial heat flow in the direction of incident laser or light beams. This is instead of the usual radial flow sensor where heat flows from the center outwards. In the Axial Sensor, heat flows through a thermopile deposited as a thin layer on the surface of the heat sink. Heat flows only a small distance axially into the substrate.