Hyperspectral Imager

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Pacer International has announced that it is now distributing a Hyperspectral Imager produced by Photon etc. The compact and portable imager features high resolution and high versatility, and can be used with a selection of cameras ranging from high speed to high sensitivity. Using a patented design based on volume Bragg gratings, the Hyperspectral Imager delivers a series of monochromatic images at user-specified wavelengths. This optimised hyperspectral cube allows for spectral analysis of each and every pixel of a full resolution image.

Pacer International states that due to the imager's narrow spectral bandwidth (≥0.3nm FWHM), up to 60 per cent efficiency (unpolarised), and operating range of 400nm to 2.3µm, no other technology, including imaging FTS, Fabry-Perot, acousto-optic or liquid crystal, can offer the results achieved with Photon's technology.

The Hyperspectral Imager is suitable for Raman imaging, biomedical imaging (burns, wounds, bruises etc), photoluminescence imaging, counterfeit detection, photovoltaic analysis, pharmaceutical research, bio-threat detection, forensic detection, gas leak imaging, food processing (vegetable cover monitoring), astronomy (faint galaxy observation) and many more applications.