Fast Axis Collimators

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components, has introduced new Fast Axis Collimators. These versatile lenses are designed for beam shaping or laser diode collimation applications.

Fast Axis Collimators are compact, high-performance aspheric cylindrical lenses, designed for fast axis collimation. The combination of aspheric cylindrical lens designs and high numerical apertures (N.A.) deliver uniform collimation of the entire laser diode output while maintaining excellent beam quality.

Fast Axis Collimators feature a standard AR coating for 790 to 990nm and provide greater than 99 per cent transmission across the designated spectral range.

Fast Axis Collimators measure 12mm long and are available in five models with focal lengths of 0.29mm, 0.365mm, 0.59mm, 0.91mm and 1.49mm.