FBLD-980-10-FC-HHL and FLC300

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Frankfurt Laser Company has launched the FBLD-980-10-FC-HHL, a fibre-coupled high-power laser diode. The 976nm diode delivers 10W output power from 200μm fibre and has a brilliant visible green aiming beam. Opposed to red, a green aiming beam is up to five times more visible to the human eye, meaning that in a brightly lit environment such as operating rooms, the beam is clearly visible. Therefore it is suited for use in medical applications.

The diode comes in a hermetically sealed HHL package and has an integrated thermal-electric cooling to ensure reliable laser diode performance.

The company has also introduced the FLC300, a laser diode system, which delivers from 2mW to 300W at the fibre output. Possible wavelengths are in the range of 450 to 1,550nm. The operation conditions such as power, current, temperature as well as pulse width and frequency are clearly visible on the LCD display and can be adjusted. As well as manual control, the system can be controlled by programming it via an RS232 port.

The system is mounted in a 19-inch case which makes it convenient to install into a standard rack or cabinet.