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The FCD-488 continuous wave laser manufactured by JDS Uniphase is a diode-pumped solid-state laser that features fibre–based architecture. This compact laser offers high efficiency with long lifetime operation at 488nm and is a direct replacement of the conventional gas-discharge lasers currently employed at this wavelength.

Fibre-based architecture has commonly been associated with telecommunication-based applications, where robustness and high reliability are important. Combined with solid-state laser technology, this provides a compact, cost-efficient laser with excellent reliability and long operational lifetime. It is perfect for high-volume manufacturing.

The package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing full control and diagnostics of the laser system through an analogue interface and RS232 interface. Powered from an external 5V DC power supply, the laser has excellent electrical and thermal efficiency with low heat load, so it can operate without a heat sink.

The FCD488 is available in 10mW or 20mW, and in either free space or fibre-delivered versions. The fibre-delivered version offers the same characteristics and identical beam quality to the free space laser. The lasers will be suitable for biotechnology applications, such as laser-induced fluorescence and light-scattering techniques, and also for semiconductor manufacturing.