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Femtosource Rainbow oscillator

Femtolasers has introduced the Femotosource Rainbow ultrafast oscillator, which offers Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilised pulses, as well as multiple simultaneous outputs at 800nm and 1,030nm.

The rugged CEP stabilisation is based on Femtolasers' difference frequency generation approach, which requires neither an interferometer, nor nonlinear broadening of the spectrum. The new, modular design makes an upgrade of a non-CEP stabilised to a CEP-stabilised Rainbow feasible.

Femtolasers' Dispersive Mirror (DM) technology allows for generation of the cleanest ultrafast laser pulses. Highest possible contrast is achieved by controlling the intra-cavity dispersion over one octave.

DM technology warrants Rainbow oscillators with the lowest possible number of components, directly reflected in the highest passive stability. The robust mechanical package of the FS Rainbow, together with the integrated Beamalign beam pointing stabilisation, lead to extreme ultrafast performance with high reliability and ease of use.


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