Ti:Sapphire amplifier systems

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Femtolasers has released the latest versions of its line of high power ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifier systems. 

The combination of the Femtosource rainbow seed oscillator with the Femtopower multipass amplifier scheme guarantees excellent stability and inherent lowest CEP noise.  

The feedback signal for CEP stabilisation is derived from the compact and robust Difference Frequency Generation approach (DFG), using the ultrabroad bandwidth of the femtosource rainbow. 

Using a sealed vacuum chamber system for the amplifier crystal combined with a dispersive mirror technology for dispersion management, the system generates the short, high energy optical pulses. Featuring excellent pulse quality, short-term, long-term and CEP stability and reproducibility, the amplifier system is an optimum light source for attosecond and intense laser science. The pulse-background contrast is the highest in commercial amplifier systems where the main pulse contains the entire energy without pre-pulses or pedestals. In combination with the short pulse duration, a high peak power is available for demanding experiments. 

Applications include atto science, high harmonic generation including x-ray generation, time resolved ultrafast spectroscopy, frontend for TW and PW ultrafast amplifier systems, femtochemistry, coherent THz generation, materials processing, OPA pumping and many others in the demanding scientific environment.