Femtosource Scientifc XL 650

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Femtolasers Produktions, a German manufacturer of compact ultra-fast laser oscillators and amplifiers, has introduced its Femtosource XL chirped pulse oscillator, which it says represents a new generation of high pulse energy, compact ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillator systems. The device is based on the company's patented chirped pulse oscillator technology. The device is capable of peak powers outputs of more than 13MW.

Throughout the extended cavity, a stretched (chirped) pulse circulates allowing the pulse energy to build up to extraordinarily high levels without causing instabilities. With the patented dispersive mirror technology, for low loss intra-cavity dispersion control, the broadest bandwidth directly  from a high energy oscillator is guaranteed.

The company states that this system offers the shortest optical pulses in combination with the highest peak powers and pulse energies commercially available from a compact, high repetition rate laser system. The Scientifc XL is designed for demanding applications such as materials  processing, coherent THz generation, time-resolved spectroscopy, and multiphoton processes.