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Narrow linewidth fibre laser systems

NKT Photonics has introduced its range of narrow linewidth fibre laser systems, which are based on single mode, single frequency distributed feedback (DFB) fibre lasers with high frequency stability, low phase and intensity noise.

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, NKT Photonics fibre lasers feature ultra-narrow linewidth in the Hz range and powers ranging from 10mW up to 5W at 1µm or 1.5µm. The system's narrow linewidth combined with high frequency stability and long coherence length make these fibre lasers suitable for interferometric sensing applications. Furthermore, the low intensity noise of the lasers combined with the high spectral stability make them ideal as sources for wind lidar systems used for the wind turbine and aerospace industry.

Compact OEM single frequency fibre laser modules suitable for industrial integration or fully integrated benchtop fibre laser systems are available. The OEM lasers include the Koheras BasiK Module and the BoostiK Module, which are offered as a single laser or as building block for higher power benchtop systems or multi-wavelength systems. The AdjustiK System and BoostiK System fully integrated fibre laser benchtop systems are based upon Koheras BasiK Module seed technology, feature a fully digital control interface and are upgradable in terms of output power by the internal modularised platform. These turn-key, benchtop systems are supplied as a stand-alone unit packed in a 19-inch rack system and are well suited to R&D and scientific applications requiring high frequency stability and low noise laser operation, such as advanced sensor interrogation systems, spectroscopy, and atomic trapping.

Koheras fibre lasers are offered at custom specified wavelengths within the C- and L-band as well as within the 1µm and 1.5µm wavelength range. The BasiK series provides up to 40mW of optical power, the AdjustiK series up to 200mW and the BoostiK series up to 5W.


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