Fiber Laser Pulser

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Armstrong Optical has expanded its range of optical timing reference sources with the introduction of the FLP - Fibre Laser Pulser. The system is based on a VCSEL laser emitting at 665nm and providing output through a multimode SC/PC fibre connection. Used in conjunction with an external pulse generator the FLP is able to supply light pulses with widths of 88ps per pulse FWHM at low energy that are ideal for timing applications.

Operating power for the FLP is provided from the external pulse generator using the O-5V input and typical applications include the calibration of streak camera ramp times longer than 1μs.

The Fibre Laser Pulser extends Armstrong Optical’s current range of streak camera accessories which include an 8GHz comb generator, delivering 60ps pulses at 665nm and 780nm and a 16Mp vacuum X-Ray CCD Camera used and areas such as plasma physics, deep UV lithography, x-ray microscopy, and x-ray spectroscopy.

As well as being generally useful with all streak cameras, the Armstrong Optical accessory range has been developed to optimize the performance characteristics of the Sydor ROSS range of multi-channel, self calibrating streak cameras.