Ruby non-contact spectrocolourimetry system

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Armstrong Optical has released the Ruby non-contact spectrocolourimetry system, which can supply up to 2,000 spectra per second for the analysis of, for example, reflectance of diffusing materials, intensity and colour of light sources and displays, and the transmittance of filters and liquids.

The Ruby system consists of an optical controller cabinet with built-in, controlled, light source linked by fibre-optic cable to a remote measurement head; and, since the measurement head is not powered, it simplifies its installation into controlled environments. 

The system can be used either as a hand-held or tripod-mounted measurement instrument in the QC laboratory or as an in-process colour measurement sensor on the production line where its 80mm working distance allows good clearance for objects on conveyor systems. Data output is available as Eab, E00, CMC and spectral comparison; colour coordinate comparisons as CIEXYZ, LAB, LCH, LUV, W or sRVB.

Typical application areas for the Ruby system include the analysis of plastics, paints, food-stuffs, fabrics, cosmetics, paper, inks, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, dermatology, automotive and aerospace components.