Fiber Optic Feedthroughs

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Fiberguide Industries has introduced its Fiber Optic Feedthroughs, allowing users to pass optical fibres through vacuum systems and pressure chambers. The feedthroughs can be used for any medical, industrial or research application that requires optical interfacing with UHV or high vacuum systems.

Fiberguide Industries' feedthrough line provides inlet and outlet tubes through the walls of pressurised or vacuum systems by using a hermetic seal, all while maintaining the integrity of the vacuum.

Fibre optic feedthroughs are available in cell, flange and port designs. They are perfect for a wide range of wavelengths and operating temperatures up to 175ºC (250ºC for pigtail), utilising Fiberguide's gold coated fibre.

Fibre selection includes multimode, single mode and polarisation maintaining (PM), with core diameters from 50µ to 1,500 and connector interface selections of SMA (standard), ST, FC or ferrule style. All fibres are helium leak-tested and certified to 10-7 torr. Industry standard mounting flanges and custom configurations for the housing are available, and custom lengths and designs can be provided for the shaft. Standard mounting configurations include threaded mount feedthroughs, nut mount feedthroughs and Con-Flat/ISO flange mount feedthroughs.