RARe Motheye optical fibres and Smartsplicer

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Fiberguide Industries displayed its new RARe Motheye optical fibres at Photonics West – offering enhanced power handling for high power delivery, R&D, medical, photonics and industrial applications. Fiberguide uses a proprietary technology to create randomised nanostructures on the fibre surface that are similar to the compound eyes of nocturnal insects. This results in fibre optic assemblies with superior wavelength range (400-2,200nm), durability and damage thresholds when compared with commonly used AR coatings.

The company has also expanded its fibre end cap production capabilities with a new CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping system. Developed by Nyfors Teknologi, the Smartsplicer uses new computer-assisted laser targeting technology to provide high quality fibre end cap splicing.

Fiberguide now offers splicing with end cap-fibre ratios greater than 50:1. This technique is especially useful for high power fibre lasers. Coupled with the RARe Motheye fibre, the new large end caps allow for exceptional durability and anti-reflection, even for the most demanding power levels.