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Modulight has added new lasers to its FiberLight product family - a series of compact fibre-coupled laser bar modules suitable for medical, defence and industrial markets, including display and projection application for visible lasers. The new lasers have an improved coupling efficiency combined with robust mechanical design and detachable fibre as a new feature. The FiberLight product family comprises all the fibre coupled laser array products of Modulight, based on single- and double-laser arrays.

Lasers are currently available in standard wavelengths and power outputs of: 635nm at 3W or 5W for single array and 7W for double array; 650nm at 7W for single array and 12W for double array; 1,470nm at 15W for single array and 30W for double array; and 1,550nm at 15W for single array and 25W for double array, with other wavelengths and power level combinations available on request. Typical configuration includes a thermistor for temperature monitoring and a female SMA-905 connector designed for 400µm core NA=0.22 fibre. Other fibre diameters and additional features including monitoring photodiode, fibre sensor, and aiming beam are available on request.