Fibre-coupled 488nm laser diode

Point Source has released a fibre-coupled 488nm laser diode that features an output power of 15mW, a circular, Gaussian and non-astigmatic output beam and a direct, analogue modulation capability of up to 5MHz with a sub-100ns rise and fall time.

The ultra-low noise electronics and forward power monitoring adopted on all Point Source laser diode products is employed to deliver noise performance of less than 0.15 per cent rms and better than 2 per cent long-term stability. The unit can be delivered as a standalone product in the highly successful iFLEX-2000 package or integrated into higher level Point Source products such as the iFLEX-Viper multi-laser engine.

The fibre-coupled 488nm laser diode is compatible with the entire range of Point Source laser products and can be operated with a number of commercially available imaging software packages such as Olympus cell^R, MetaMorph and μManager and a number of add-on interfaces ensure a complete solution for all microscope systems.

The fibre-coupled 488nm laser diode features Point Source's kineFLEX fibre-optic technology, which gives flexibility in instrument and experiment design and offers improved optical performance over conventional bulk optical systems.