Non-hermetic Fibre-Q acousto-optic modulator

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Gooch and Housego are pleased to announce the release of a new addition to its successful fibre coupled acousto-optic modulator product line. Following the success of their fully hermetic Fibre-Q product launched in 2009 G&H have developed a non-hermetic version of the product.

The non-hermetic Fibre-Q utilises the same reliable core build process of the hermetic Fibre-Q and retains the same optical performance while offering reduction in size, weight, and cost. The non-hermetic Fibre-Q has been designed for use in high volume OEM industrial applications in which environmental conditions are more likely to be controlled. In particular, G&H expect the product to appeal to the very competitive industrial pulsed fibre laser market. The increasing demand in laser sources for a multitude of material processing applications has led to an increasing demand for fibre laser sources, which in turn has led to a demand for specialist fibre coupled components such as acousto-optic modulators.