Fibre-Coupled Diode Laser Bar delivering 50W CW

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Dilas has released a module that delivers up to 50W of CW power at 808nm and 976nm.

This module is the newest addition to Dilas' fibre-coupled diode laser family, delivering up to 50W of CW power at 808nm and 976nm through a 400µm SMA-fiber with a numerical aperture of <0.22. 

The fibre-coupled diode laser module is primarily intended for end-pumping of solid-state laser materials for fibre lasers, as well as for medical applications.

Measuring less than 100 x 31 x 20mm (L x W x H), this industry-standard package has a wall plug efficiency (WPE) >35 per cent and features a typical spectral width of less than 4nm, FWHM. The laser power from the module is delivered via a detachable single core fibre, which is terminated with a standard SMA 905 connector.

These high power fibre coupled diode laser modules are based on a single laser diode array and are available in an overall height of less than 30mm including optional features such as integrated pilot beam, power monitor, fibre detection sensor, user-exchangeable protection window, and temperature sensor.