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Fibre-coupled multi-bar module

Dilas has introduced its latest fibre-coupled, multi-bar module capable of delivering up to 1kW output from a 400µµm fibre at 976nm.

Dilas’ fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules boast high brightness and power featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. These modules deliver 1kW through a cladding-mode free QBH high-power 400µm core diameter fiber with a low numerical aperture of <0.2 and WPE of >35 per cent. These bars are optically stacked by Dilas' beam stacking method and polarisation coupled. Macro-channel coolers are used in order to keep water requirements simple.

A 2kW version will follow with two wavelengths (i.e. 915nm and 976nm). All modules are available with either QBH (Optoskand) or LLK-B industrial fibre connectors. Fibres can be chosen between 400µm at NA 0.2 or 800µm at NA 0.12.

Custom wavelengths are available upon request. Line narrow versions, using VBGs are available as well, providing 800W optical output power with spectral line width <1nm FWHM.

These modules are ideal for direct diode application as well as fibre and solid-state laser pumping.


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